About Us

“If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”

We all searching for peace without knowing, what is exactly peace is? How and where we get it? The truth is that peace is just around you, inside you…….You will surely feel peace just from deep inside. First of all introduce your soul to your body that experience will give you peace……..What another way you enjoy the peace? Feel the pain, soreness of a person. That feeling is called ‘Samvedna’. Samvedna is the connection of souls. When you connected with someone, that soul connection in which you do anything for any one…….it directly soothes your soul. It let you to the world of peace and satisfaction.

Foundation of Samvedna – Similar thoughts with same emotions are the key supporters of any kind of initiative. Just like that the initiative taken by Mr. Deepak Barthwal and Mrs. AartiSaxenaat Rishikesh in the year 2014 with mutual vision for society. They established the Trust Samvedna which aimed to work for the humanity.

Samvedna is non-governmental organization which works among the women facing. We found that women are facing social discrimination. That causes too much frustration and failure around them. We trying to bring them out. We are giving them professional Training so that they can earn self respect and dignity. With that power she can do anything not just for herself but for her family and Society too.

For that goal we have very devoted staff who understand the need of a woman. Our volunteers donate the countless hours to work with these women to ensuring to get all that things what they really deserve. If you would like to connect your soul with us to achieve that wonderful dream of a woman. We are please to have u with us. We invite volunteers to join us and give us your esteemed company to transform the society for such a noble cause.

When dealing with people we should remember one thing that we are not dealing with creatures of logic, but the creatures of emotions. Keep it in our mind we can connect ourselves with the person next to us. What we need to feel is- The pain of a soul with our soul that feeling is called Samvedna. This hindi word Samvedna means feels the pain of others and make it your own pain. It conveys the message of connection between every person. The connection of soul means connection of joy, dreams, pain, worries, all the emotions a person experienced in its life……

The Trust Samvedna is truly work for women facing lot of problems in their life for existence…….help them to make independent with dignity….what they deserving for….