Day volunteer

Join us as volunteer :

We heartily welcome If you want to connect your soul with us for that noble cause. You can voluntarily participate in our project of empowering women.

Have you ever hold someone’s hand to help him to pass the road……have you ever help someone who is in very much need ,if yes then you can feel the internal happiness that you lived in that particular time and even now when you are in flashback your lips are smiling, you are smiling from inside. You are living that moment again when you were there for someone who was in deadly need.

Helping someone without any self interest is really a big deal. So we heartily welcome to the people who want to work as day volunteer with us for the great cause. You can share your technical or professional skills with our women or you can you can help in any other way that helps us.

Little part of your precious time can make someone’s life precious…………so please try to make it…Precious.

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