Donate To Us

God give us Life. We don’t have that power to give Life. Then what we have? Yes……we have a strong Wish and determined Will to make someone’s Life. Wish…….to help someone in need and Will……….to play a part of real well wisher.

We are very please to invite you all to connect your wish and will with us to help someone. You can help, either you can donate in the form of asset like sewing machines or any other concern material or as it so. We really appreciate your every single effort that helps us in our motive.

`Every single step moves towards the destination’ so take your step…….we are waiting.

It’s true that you can contribute us through different way……..we obliged for all, but the way that we appreciate the most if you place order for different items like designer clothes, paper and craft etc. it not only helps our women economically but also your every order is kind of big appreciation for their talent.