Objectives of Our Education Program

Education is not just makes one educated… we think Education gives the Edge to a person to engrave his life with his own qualities and the furnished qualities that he gained through education.

We work to educate the women and children, those who failed or unable to get education. We give them opportunities learn the basic education as well as professional education.

We Provide :

Computer Education - As the requirement of the time, the knowledge of computer is much required these days. We started short term three months/six months basic computer course. We hired trained teachers for the Training .

Language Education - Other than the mother tongue, any one of international language can be a key supporter for the success of our women. That would help them in better communication. We provide classes for language too with qualified teachers.

Music and Dance - We offer music and dance classes for interested women and children. Professionals are there to take the Training sessions.

Women Empowerment

In Indian society, women have been marginalized and have been degrade naturally due to social structure. Indian women have not actively participated in the mainstream of the society due to their lack of economic independence and illiteracy. To improve the women status in the Indian family and society, they are required to be empowered through economic independence and education, skill & Training and higher awareness level on their social condition.

Samvedana Trust is making an impact in that direction as it runs programme to train the village background women to make them economically independent in their homes and society. Our Aim is to make women self-reliant and raise standard of their family-by developing their skills, providing them Training and a platform to avail of employment opportunities.

Skill Training programme for Women

The main aim of this programme is to enhance the quality of life of women through increased knowledge and skills. Samvedana also realized that merely imparting literacy would not be sufficient, rather just focusing on education, they need to skill development Training to be employed. Samvedana has provided employment to the rural women who work as dress designer, tailoring, stitching etc. This has led to enhance confidence level among them.

Prime Activities

  • Dedicated to the social & economic upliftment of rural women.
  • Has enabled scores of village women to become financially independent and be one of the earning members of their house.
  • Ensuring participation of women from local rural community.
  • Making them work with enthusiasm and self-confidence.
  • Putting efforts to make them work with objective of continuous improvement and learning.

Vocational Training

  • Women are formulated and organized to up lift them and join the mainstream women into economic activities via through Vocational Training Programmes.
  • To impart skills and Training which consequently leads to self-employment.
  • To promote the women employment by increasing their participation in skill Training facilities.
  • To provide skill transfer in their area of interest and expertise.
  • To provide Training and later, turn them as instructors for providing Training to others.
  • To establish a chain of skill transfer which helps in breaking the vicious circle of poverty.
  • To make the women realize her importance & status in society.
  • To achieve these objectives, exclusive orientation schemes and programmes are organized time to time.