When we talk about the women empowerment, we work over all aspects from where we can bring out the opportunity for our women to learn and to perform. We provide them such educational and professional Training that the women can stand for their own, confidently.

Employment is the main part for empowering women. Emphasizing on that we not only trained them to get employed but also find and create various roots to meet with desirable employment for those trained women.

After our Training some of our women started their own boutique. Their confidence, their feelings of becoming a supporter for their family is achievement not only for them but for us, it is big reward as well.

Other than stitching and tailoring, Designer clothes, the Training of paper and jute work. Fancy Diyas, Candles and many more….. are the sources by which they are getting employment.

This is very proud and glad to share that we set a big platform as the main source of employment for our trained women- ’Samahita, The souvenir Shop’. Samahita is the place where ‘Perfection is Performed’. Whatever our women design, stitched, crafts, create, manufacture with all their ability, devotion and perfection present under that one roof. People from all over the world including our country, shown their warm interest for these creation and products. People placing order and buy directly from our store as well as online. Every single order is a big employment booster for our women.