Mentors keep us motivating for our goal to make women capable for which they deserving for and creating opportunities for women children to perform. Our Mentors helps us to glow for brighten up the path of our women and children. We are really grateful to all of them.

Ms. Angelika Grohamn

A woman with live example of positive and cheerful life. A firmed Yoga teacher with full of life. Age never intervene her in celebration of life. She spread same positivity and enthusiasm between us. What she helps that matters a lot.

Ms. Brigitte Hendrix

A Super Expert women, Expert in human values and emotions, Expert in Fashion industry. An expert fashion designer from Holland, Who connected with us from long time. Apparently she shares her fashion knowledge with our women. Whenever she comes to India she gives special fashion Training classes to our women.

Ms. Chilun Chang

A lady with legendary qualities from Taiwan Who connected with us by Word, Work and Soul. From the very beginning she admire and motivate us for our mission. She always support and appreciate our women with heart.

Mr. Mani

A Man of real Motivation. He is the Owner of a Textile production house. He always boost us morally and mentally. The immense support of Mr. Mani is really priceless for all of us.

Ms. Pia

A pious soul with pious appearance gives us the pious vibrations to move on. The magic of her aura always puts a magical impact over all of us. She helps us in so many ways, but words can’t define that.

Ms. Sadhna Gupta

A great power holder of Yoga through which she creates a magic, A magic of motivation. She usually comes to our Trust to inspire and motivate our women. She brings in, a great positivity among all women and children. She is real mantel and emotional booster for us.

Ms. Stephanie Leininger

A reputed art teacher. She can create a magic through paint colors to make a terrific art piece and with positive thoughts she is making so many lives beautiful. She always inspire our women and kids as well. She shared her talent of art with our children so many time and boosts the moral of our women. She really playing a commendable role for our Samvedna Family.

Mr. Yogi Sunder

A man of idol demeanor. A famous yoga trainer follows his motto `Art of Giving’. Besides the quality of giving we also learnt a power of devotion from Mr. Yogi. He gives and share so many things with us that helps us tremendously.