Mission & Vision

Our Mission : Our Mission Statement -“you can do”.

Our mission is to educate,employ an empower women. Life is not just about win and loss, it’s about a challenge of everyday either you get a joy or a sorrow but you will definitely get some experience at the end. We found some women are deeply fighting with various challenges. They lost their strength of thinking, working and expressing. They felt alone in a life travel.

We Samvedna joined them as a fellow travelers with a positive mission. We making them aware about beautiful scenario of life. Introducing them with their own strength what they lost somewhere. Only that strength will make them independent,confident and most important happy…..

Our Vision : Vision Statement - Empowering women to transform the world.

Feeling the emotions and pain of every individual we work under Samvedna as “SAMVEDNA”. We have started a campaign dedicated to empowering women to earn self respect,dignity and make them independent. We work for making them very loyal for the achievement of happiness in their life through their own respectable values.

Everything happens in one’s life is reflection of an individual choice, so are we trying to help them to choose a better future. For that we are polishing them as they are diamond in itself. Every woman have a power, courage for her dream…she knows what she want…..but she bounded with some personal and social boundaries.

We as Samvedna trying to help them to wide up their boundaries so that they can create their own dream world in any circumstances. Overall we are promised to enlighten the path in which they want to walk to reach their dream destination.