Hello Kind Humans,

The pandemic has caused a ripple effect that has forever altered our lives in ways that are unprecedented. Despite the relaxation of lockdowns, women have suffered tremendously in these years and our organisation has worked diligently to ensure we empowered rural women of Rishikesh to step out of poverty. Our mission is to ensure we contribute with the best of our ability to the society for a better world tomorrow.

Running an organisation that fights for social upliftment requires funds and we would like to humbly request you to help us with your donations so that we could build a better world for the future. The funds would directly ensure the employment of these women who can provide their families with necessities and support their children’s education. We believe that empowered women would in turn empower entire communities and generation

“Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world”

We request you to help us ensure that no woman dies of poverty and no woman is left behind by humbly requesting you to donate to us and sharing our campaign. We would like to extend our gratitude for your support in advance



An awakened spiritual leader, Pia Ma resides in Australia and travels the entire world to support Awakening. Every year, Pia Maa stays in Rishikesh Sadan to enrich us with her presence and support our beautiful initiative. In 2016, she was invited to be the guest of honor at the Inauguration of Samvedna Connecting Souls Trainings, an initiative she supports wholeheartedly and has donated generously to.

Pia maa and the sangha’s community Aumcara humbly call upon all that is bestowed with a good life to support this beautiful cause. Pia Maa has been a pioneer for our organisation who has done events around the world to support Samvedna with their donations. The donations have been utilized to help develop skills for the Aumcara community which has helped alleviate numerous members of the community from poverty


Ivy ChiLun Chang comes from Taipei, Taiwan . She obtained her Yoga Teacher Certification in Rishikesh, India in 2017 and she currently teaches Yoga in Taipei.

During her YTT she stayed at Rishikesh Sadan and met Aarti there.

She was inspired by Aarti and wanted to help the valley women to live a better life. She contributed to Samvedna Connecting Souls by providing important materials that were paramount in continuing training for the women of the valley. Since the onset of Samvedna, she has been one of our strongest pillars. She has initiated numerous projects with Samvedna, a prominent one in ChiLun´s Garden where she has connected Samvedna Handmade products with her brand.


Lakshmi Trivedy, our beloved mentor, is a visionary co-founder of FlexiEle, a leading SaaS company offering a cloud-based HRMS application. She studied Bioinformatics at the University of California and later pursued MBA in HR.

After gathering 25+ years of experience in managing people across geographies and industries, she founded FlexiEle along with Mr. Amitabh Trivedy. She’s an entrepreneur by passion, HR by profession, and a humanitarian at heart. Her unwavering commitment and support to our organisation has helped us shape our growth. She has consistently been a part of our programs, and initiatives and has handheld us through our journey. We’ve associated with FlexiEle on several occasions and prepared custom gifts for their stakeholders.

Lakshmi, along with FlexiEle are strong supporters of Samvedna Handmade.