Pia Ma

An awakened spiritual leader, Pia Ma resides in Australia and travels the entire world to support Awakening.

Every year, Pia Maa stays in Rishikesh Sadan to enrich us with her presence and supports our beautiful initiative. In 2016, she was invited to be the guest of honor at the Inauguration of Samvedna Connecting Souls Trainings, an initiative she supports whole heartedly and has donated generously to.

Pia maa and the sangha’s community Aumcara humbly call upon all that are bestowed with a good life to support this beautiful cause. Pia Maa has been a pioneer for our organization who has done events around the world to support Samvedna with their donations. The donations have been utilized to help develop skills for the Aumcara community which has helped alleviate numerous members of the community from poverty

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