A Workshop on Women Rights

Samvedna Connecting Souls Trust conduct a workshop with Ms Agustina Obligado Uranga from Argentina. She is a lawyer By Profession and works for Women’s Right. During this Pandemic time Women’s are more engaged in either household work or her professional carrier. In this workshop Ms Agustina explain important topics like value of their health, their personal growth, Self hygiene,Value of Education, Women Empowerment , and Importance of Womanhood , Rest when tired or sick,Study what you like ,Spent some time for your own. Each and every member participate actively and try to gain knowledge as much as they can.

They should say:
Every woman has the right to
-Decide if you want to get married or not
-Decide who you want to marry with
-Rest when tired or sic
-Receive proper medical treatment when needed
-Ask for help. Get help
-Follow the religion or cult that you prefer
-Have time to practice your religion or cult
-Decide if you want to have children or not
-Study what you like
-Work in what you like
-Get fairly payed for your work
-Spend time with your friends
-Have fun

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