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Mrs. Aarti Saxena

Dear Friends,
Sometime when we start our journey for our destination……we have no specific path to walk, no trails to follow, no fellow for a company but we proceed…..!!! We proceed, because we determined for the target we aimed. The circle of that aim became more wide when it concern not just with a person but for the mass. At that stage we start thinking as ‘WE’ instead of ‘I’.

Sometime you assigned, yourself a mountain to climb…….not just to achieve something big but to set a mark, set a mind of a person that ‘You can do it’. The path we choose could be tough but not a barrier to stop. Your every move is a key step for your success. Self-identity, self-respect and self-achievements are main priorities for any personand helping someone for achieving those priorities is an achievement itself.

When we talk about women empowerment, how can we help women to achieve their priorities? We have to introduce the woman, the real power, real strength that existing in… herself. Just give her some words of motivation and perfect platform to perform. She is capable of accomplishing all task and responsibility because she is a solution maker and not afraid of any kind of obstacles. We know very well the potential of a woman that’s why we start our journey with a dream of a woman along with her strength…….and our determination. For that goal so many souls connected with us and so many we waiting…..!!!

Mr. Deepak Barthwal

Dear Friends,
It is very true that God decides ‘what’ we go through…..but we decide ‘How’ we go through. The life is truly a wonderful gift from that supreme power…….God. So why don’t we enjoy the gift. The gift, have so many surprises inside it. Every single surprise add various valuable experience to your life which helps you in every hard or soft situation that you face throughout your life. But thing that you have to follow is……never – ever disappoint with the situation, with yourself or with anybody else. Just move with the time flow.

It happens sometime that you will fall down, collide with hard situation but you know what would be the result? Spark out……yes, you will meet with the spark, the fire existing inside you. Use that spark for bright up….Yourself, brighten the whole world. How you deal with your imperfection, is built the quality of perfection for you. Use that perfection for the perfect and positive life. Grab the positivity from your surroundings, get inspire and become the true inspiration.

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