Founder’s Words


Mrs. Aarti Saxena

Dear Friends,

Sometimes when we start our journey it is just with the destination in sight. However we may have no specific path to walk, no trails to follow, no company beside us but we still proceed with each step. One foot in front of the other. We proceed, because we are determined to arrive at the target we aimed for. The circle of that aim becomes wider when it’s influence is not just for one person but instead for many. At this stage we start thinking as ‘WE’ instead of just ‘ME.’

 Sometimes you assign yourself a mountain to climb, not just to achieve something big but to set a goal, and with an enthusiastic determination feel that ‘I can do it’. The path you choose may be tough, but this is not a full stop, your every move is a key step for growth and success.


Self-identity, self-respect and self-achievements are some main goals for any person and helping someone to achieve these goals is an accomplishment in itself. When we talk about women empowerment, “we” ask how can we help women to achieve their goals? We share with her that strength, love and peace comes from within herself. When we share words of motivation, resources that foster learning and growth, she develops the capacity to have personal responsibility as well step into her potential.  Here she builds an ability to problem solve and becomes a solution maker, without being afraid of obstacles.

This is my goal and vision to see many souls connecting and caring for these women and children. 

Mr. Deepak Barthwal

Dear Friends,

It is very true that God decides ‘what’ we go through, we decide ‘how’ we go through it. Life is truly a wonderful gift from supreme source- God. So why don’t we enjoy this gift? This gift has so many surprises inside it. Every single surprise, easy or hard adds valuable experiences to your life. But the thing that you have to know is never be disappointed with the situation, with yourself or with anybody else. Just move with the challenge and learn to flow.

It happens that sometimes you will fall down, be faced with a hard situation but you never know what will be the result. You may meet the spark and fire inside you. Use that spark for brightening up, and you can brighten the whole world. How you deal with your imperfection, builds the quality of perfection in you. Use that perfection for the perfect and positive life. Grab the positivity from your surroundings, get inspired and become the true inspiration.