Hybrid Calendar Planner 2021 – Live Deliberately.


Instant Downloads include:

1) High-Quality PDF file for printable portrait calendar to be printed on A1 size (33.1 x 23.4 inches / 841 х 594 mm).

2) PDF(view only) for instructions on how to print and DIY paper sack.* All the kind humans, please note that this is a printable available as a digital download and NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT that will be shipped. Read the description below for more information.

Your contribution goes to Samvedna trust that supports disadvantaged women to step out of poverty through advocating and promoting sustainability.

This Is A Sacred Gift

“When what we offer is sacred to us, then the only honorable way to offer it is as a gift. No price can be high enough to reflect the sacredness of the infinite.”

― Charles Eisenstein

This product is a sacred gift for you, not in the religious sense.
It is an object delicately crafted with thorough research, attention, love, and invested with a part of ourselves.

We believe generosity is a bed-rock feature of humans,
and we trust you to support us based on what you feel our work is worth to you and how much value it would bring to your life. This would help us to sustain our endeavor, keeping it ad-free and independent.

Hybrid Calendar Planner 2021 is not too minimal or loud. It is subtle.
It is a perfect union of functionality and flexibility.


Technology has made us all lazy.

We are all guilty of wanting finished products and services at our doorstep. However, this requires a lot of packaging. Packaging waste is responsible for half of the waste generated in the world, much of which is plastic. While we cannot entirely and suddenly become zero waste, this is an experiment and a baby step towards it.

Printing your own printable has the following advantages:

» You eliminate packaging and with that the cardboard tube, plastic sleeve, and bubble wrap. There is less wastage.
» No planes or trucks are required to transport the calendar, reducing the gas emissions, plus you do not have to pay shipping charges. Yay!
» You get your calendar planner fast.
» You can print and frame as you like.
» You provide business to your local shop. #vocalforlocal


We do not want to reduce this down to commercial exchange but form a more authentic sacred relationship.
We do not want more followers but friends.
Through this store, we want to grow a community of eco-conscious consumers, encourage kindness, and give back to the planet through the causes we support.


» FRESH outlook

» FUN to play around with

» FLEXIBLE to adapt to your needs


We call it our 4 Fs.


This calendar will make 2021 feel like spring after a dark, bleak winter.

Planner journal calendar

Let your right side of the brain run wild and unleash your creativity.
» Use colored tapes, colored pens, make your symbols to track habits
» Use Stickers or sketch emoticons
» Use magnets to start and stop if you stick it over metal surfaces

» Visualize and follow up on the whole year in one view
» Portrait calendar reflects the passing of time
» Word prompts to remind you to spend time on meaningful things
» Optimum utilization of space
» Saturday and Sunday clubbed together to plan your weekends

» First day of the month highlighted distinctly

Hybrid Calendar planner 2021

Adapt it to your needs.

» Personal
» Professional
» Social

table tennis
DATE SQUARE // (25.4mm x 25.4mm)

Use the square space to mark your date and events.

The dotted grid (63.5 x 63.5 mm) acts as a structure and checkboxes for bullet journaling and tracking habits.

STICK- A-NOTE // (75 mm x 75 mm)

Paste the sticky notes brick (75 mm x 75 mm) in the space given.

» Daily to-do lists
» Grocery lists

» Quote of the day
» Reminders
» Important alerts
» Draw cartoons

Sticky notes

Use this flexible space to adapt to your needs.

» Bucket lists
» Weekly highlights
» Habit Tracker legend
» Gratitude journal

Bucket list
Habit tracker
DIY PAPER SACK // (75 mm x 75 mm)

Use this tiny sack to store your treasure.

» Write a letter to your self and open at the end of 2021

» Keep monthly bills
» Visiting cards
» Pens

How to make paper sack

Make your sack using the dimensions mentioned in the instructables.

Watch a reference video for instructions here.


» Use the space to remember the anniversaries of your loved ones

» National Holidays

» Mark important events

» Quarterly targets

Birthday Calendar planner

You can open the file with Adobe Acrobat (Free to download at https://get.adobe.com/tr/reader/) or any other PDF reading program.

You can get it printed at your nearest professional print shop.

It is better to call them beforehand to ask if they have the desired paper and high-quality A1 printer.

We suggest printing it on any eco-friendly paper such as bamboo and hemp or

150-200 gsm Matt Paper (Vinyl/Photo).

You can print it on your favorite poster paper. 

Printing depends on the quality of the paper and the printer.

The colors of the calendar may vary slightly from screen to print. 


If you plan to frame it, it is best to take the Calendar print from the print shop directly to the framer. 

We recommend using a natural wooden frame of the thickness of 1/2 inch (Half an inch). 

However, you can choose any thickness and color that suits your wall aesthetic.

Make sure the framer does not cover it with glass. 

You could either hang it on the wall or keep it on your desk.

Calendar 2021
Instead of framing, you could also pin it on a soft board, use magnets on a metal surface, or use appropriate tacks and tapes for tacking on walls and doors.
Please use clean hands while handling the calendar.

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Calendar designed in collaboration with Tiny AF! Store.
All the incredible photographs clicked by ingenious Vasudha Grover.
Check out her work and follow her on Instagram @vasudhagrover_
Concept inspired by Nickolas Peter Chelyapov

Happy Planning!
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* This is a printable available as a digital download and NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT that will be shipped.
Please feel free to print them as many times as you like. We do not believe in intellectual rights since we all artists are inspired by the cultural commons in some way or the other.
* Printable file is not editable. Which means you can not change colors, shapes, etc. 
* The colors you see on the screen may differ a bit when printed.
* Since it is a downloadable product, it is not refundable. In case of any problems, we would be happy to help you.