Mission & Vision


At Samvedna Connecting Souls, our co-founders are steadfast advocates of equitable growth and community development principles, emphasizing the transformative impact achievable through the support of women and children, coupled with a commitment to advancing education. Our primary objective is realized by extending support to disadvantaged women and children in both rural and urban settings, focusing on educational upskilling initiatives and the provision of job opportunities. The Samvedna Handmade Shop stands as a beacon of hope and purpose for our women, fostering financial independence to sustain their families and children. Complementing this, our personal growth workshops disseminate essential tools and resources, fostering technological literacy, proficiency in the English language, knowledge of health and hygiene, and strategies for nurturing both the mind and soul.

At the core of Samvedna’s mission is the aspiration to unearth the roots of each individual, cultivating profound compassion to empathize with one another’s struggles. As integral components of the universe, we strive to forge a connection akin to that with an innocent child, empowering everyone to contribute to the positive change we envision for the world.

Our commitment extends to building communities founded on principles of love, care, and happiness. Recognizing our place in a global family, we acknowledge our obligation to care for every individual, from innocent, young children to the elderly. We particularly champion women’s causes, acknowledging their role as mothers to every new soul. Our overarching goal is to establish a robust platform where individuals can live, learn, earn, and joyfully contribute to society.


Samvedna is guided by a core vision centered around the empowerment of disadvantaged women in both rural and urban areas of northern India, with a primary focus on employment and financial independence. Our aspirational goal is to cultivate a sustainable community enriched with educational and personal growth opportunities. By providing a viable pathway for women to break free from precarious circumstances, our mission is to enable them to become active contributors to their community’s growth, success, and support networks. We envision inspiring women and children to pursue their dreams, with our commitment to supporting them in realizing their goals and aspirations. Additionally, we harbor ambitions of establishing a Spiritual School, offering free education to women who lack access to learning, coupled with the sharing of meditation and yoga practices.

In our pursuit of creating a healthy platform, our overarching aim is to provide an environment where everyone can not only live, learn, and earn but also find joy in serving society. At Samvedna, we believe in fostering holistic development, ensuring individuals are equipped with the tools and opportunities necessary for a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Together, let us build a community that thrives on empowerment, education, and shared prosperity.

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