Our Ambassador


Pia Ma is an Awakened Spiritual teacher, residing in Australia. Pia Ma regularly travels internationally devoted to supporting Awakening.

Pia Ma and the Sangha’s community Aumcara call upon all those that are able to please support this beautiful initiative. In 2016, she was invited to be the guest of honor at the Inauguration of Samvedna Connecting Souls Trainings, an initiative she supports wholeheartedly.

Each year Pia Ma stays in Rishikesh Sadan for her retreats with the Sangha members, and during the year, she also does events around the world to support Samvedna with their donations. Within the Aumcara community skills have been shared and the community continues to be available.



Ivy ChiLun Chang comes from Taipei, Taiwan. She obtained her Yoga Teacher Certification in Rishikesh, India in 2017 and now she teaches Yoga in Taipei.

During her YTT she stayed at Rishikesh Sadan and met Aarti there.

She was inspired by Aarti and wanted to help the valley women to live a better life. She contributed with Samvedna Connecting Souls providing the materials so that we can continue with the training. Since the beginning of Samveda, she has been one of our pillars. She has many projects involving Samvedna, one is ChiLun´s Garden where she connects Samvedna Handmade products with her brand.