Samvedna’s co-founders believe in equitable growth and importance of community development principles which can be achieved primarily by supporting women and children within this project and furthering education. We achieve our objective by supporting disadvantages women and children from both rural and urban areas, through educational upskilling and providing job opportunities. Our Samvedna handmade shop brings hope and purpose to our women by providing financial independence to support their families and children. Our personal growth workshops share tools and resources to develop technological literacy, English language proficiency, knowledge on health and hygiene and ways to nourish the mind and soul.

Samvedna’s mission is to discover the roots of each individual, and help them develop indepth compassion to feel each other’s suffering. As creations of the universe, we must feel the same connection as with an innocent child, empowering everyone to be a part of bringing about the change we wish to see in the world.

  • We support building communities to spread love, caring, and happiness everywhere.
  • We exist in a global family, obliged to take care of all, from an innocent, young child to the elderly person.
  • We especially encourage women’s causes, as they are mother to every new soul.
  • We aim to create a healthy platform where everyone can live, learn, earn, and happily serve society.