About Us


Samvedna Connecting Souls is a trust that supports disadvantaged women to step out of poverty by advocating and promoting a sustainable way of living. Based in Rishikesh, India, Samvedna inspires opportunities and choices within the underprivileged community that those in privileged backgrounds may take for granted.The women Samvedna supports have come from challenging backgrounds with little to no assistance who strive to provide for their family and children.

Samvedna is a platform that strives to inculcate independence, purpose, inspiration and resilience for the women and children of the community. A significant aspect of Samvedna is upskilling and supporting women in textile, sewing and dressmaking that provides job opportunities within their Samvedna Handmade shop.

Samvedna also offers educational and personal growth workshops, including learning English and computer technology skills to women and their children. These workshops have unfortunately stalled due to COVID19 restrictions, but we have not given up and strive to restart the process with enthusiasm and passion.

Samvedna was founded in 2014 by Ms. Aarti Saxena and Mr. Deepak Barthwal in Rishikesh, India. The word “Samvedna” is a Hindi word which translates to “helping others in need” and this is the motto of our organisation.