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Samvedna is a Trust that feel and share emotions of people suffering from various problems like social, economical etc, and that we works for it. Especially we work for women and children. Our Trust works as its name conveys…Samvedna, means feel the pain, soreness of a person. The feeling when you connected yourself with someone’s soul. Feel the pain of others and make it your own. It conveys the message of connection between every person. The connection of souls means connection of Joy, Dreams, Pain, Worries……all the emotions of a person having experiences in its life.

The word “Samvedna” is a Hindi word that refers to the urge to help another in need.

Similar thoughts with same emotions are the key supporters of any kind of initiative. Just like that the initiative taken by Mr. Deepak Barthwal and Ms. Aarti Saxena at Rishikesh in the year 2014 with mutual vision for society. They established the Trust Samvedna which aimed to work for the humanity.  

The Trust Samvedna is truly work for women facing lot of problems in their life for existence…….help them to make independent with dignity….what they deserving for….

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