Our Team

Anita Didi – The Veteran

Didi mein Didi – Anita Didi.

One of the earliest members and famed for her prowess in embroidery, cutting, and stitching. She thoroughly enjoys her work and spending time at Samvedna. It is truly her happy place. Her second favorite spot is in front of the TV as she loves watching daily soaps. She is a proud mother of four – two sons and two daughters. Her happiest moment in life was when she took her daughter for wedding shopping with money she earned through her work at Samvedna. She keeps the spirit alive with her great sense of humor.

Urvashi - The Go-Getter

She has a varied skill set ranging from tailoring to embroidery along with great management skills.
She is extremely hard-working(and talkative). She was recently acknowledged for her work by designer Neeta Lulla. She is a mother of three and dreams to become a famous fashion designer.

Laxmi - The Resilient one

She believes that she has realized her true potential in Samvedna and feels proud to be leading an independent life. She is compassionate, driven, focused, and reliable. She has led by example and inspired many young girls.

Bhavna - The silent perfectionist

She is the soft-spoken nightingale of the Samvedna family. She is a diligent worker and never compromises on quality. She aspires to educate her young son and daughter for their better future.

Yashoda - The Embroidery Queen

She is the youngest member of the team with great zeal and a thirst for learning new things. Her bubbly, happy-go-lucky nature makes her the most pampered(and sometimes bullied) member of the Samvedna family. She has recently enrolled herself in her first year of graduation and aims to support her education through her work at Samvedna.

Yoshita - The Multifaceted

She is the most versatile member of the team and she flows from one role to another. She is responsible for coordination, supervision, quality control and handling social media handles.

Ansh - The Artist

A perfect combination of a space designer and Motion designer, through his art he likes to move both, things and hearts. He always adds a creative dimension to every conversation and project.

Raghav - Jack of all trades, Master of None

Always keen to try new ideas and exploring ways to make the products more sustainable and ethical.

Shailesh - The IT Ninja

He is the backbone of the team and responsible for all IT work, helping us reach out to beautiful souls around the world.