Women Rights…

women rights workshop

We (Samvedna Connecting Souls Trust) conducted a workshop with Ms Agustina Obligado Uranga from Argentina. She is a lawyer by profession and works for Human Rights including Women’s Rights.

During this pandemic time Women are more engaged in either household work or her professional carrier

In today’s Workshop Ms Agustina explained us all some fundamental rights as the right to equality, the value of health and the right to get proper health care, the right to study, to choose our profession, to ask for help, and the right to use our voice to expose our personal and general interests as women and members of society without discrimination.

Self-hygiene, Women Empowerment, and the importance of Womanhood where also considered, amongst other subjects.

Each and every women participated actively either when questioned or even spontaneously sharing a concern or opinion.

Though many queries and doubts has been answered by Ms Agustina and Samvedna Connecting Souls’s President Ms Arti Saxena and our Volunteers Mrs Megha , Ms Yoshita , Ms Urvashi, we’re aware that there is a long way yet to go, and we face that willingly.

It was assured by Trust’s President to help the women in every challenging situation in their life….

Heartily thanks to our Guest and Samvedna Women’s for their warmth presence in today’s Workshop.

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